Filing an asylum application

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In order to be granted asylum or another protection status in Germany, you must file an asylum application.

What you can expect following your arrival in Germany and which offices you have to turn to for your asylum application can be found here.

You have to file your asylum application with the local office of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). At the first appointment there (“first interview”) all your personal data will be recorded. Further information

The BAMF additionally looks at whether Germany or another European country is responsible for your asylum proceedings. This is known as the “Dublin Procedure”. Further information

If Germany is responsible for your asylum proceedings, the reasons for asylum will be examined in more detail. A personal interview (“second interview”) is held for this purpose. Further information

When the BAMF has made a decision on your asylum application, you will be sent a written notice. Further information

Important: If you move you must give the BAMF your new address, even in cases when the immigration authority (“Ausländerbehörde”) moves you to a different location. Otherwise you may not receive important letters and therefore miss appointments or deadlines. It is not the responsibility of the immigration authority to give the BAMF your new address. Even an official registration for the new apartment, accommodation or shelter does not replace telling the BAMF.