Financial support and medical care

The Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (“AsylbLG”) applies to people:

If you are a member of one of these groups, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

The costs of your accommodation (flat or room in hostel) will be covered.

You will receive money for food, clothing and day-to-day needs (like travel tickets, cigarettes, sanitary products, household items).

If you are expecting a baby you will receive money for baby equipment and clothing.

For every child under six years of age, you will currently receive 79 euros a month.

After 15 months you will be entitled to more welfare benefits. Then you will be paid a little more money. This should happen without your having to submit an official application. You can consult a counseling service for asylum seekers if the amount paid out is too low. The staff there will file an objection on your behalf.

You are entitled to treatment for acute illness and pain, and to all examinations and treatments relating to pregnancy and birth. The costs of treatment of chronic diseases (such as HIV or diabetes, for instance) will also be covered. At any event, you have to go to the social security office (“Sozialamt”) first to obtain a medical treatment document, that is valid for a limited period of time, with which you then can go to a doctor.

In some cities you are not given a medical treatment document but instead get a health card with which you can go directly to a doctor.

After 15 months, the social security office will register you with a health insurance company. You will receive a health card and will be able to go to a doctor with the card and will no longer need the medical treatment document (further information Medical in care Germany).

The rules on whether the costs for an interpreter for a visit to the doctor are covered are different in every German state, town or city. Should you need an interpreter, you can ask for assistance from the counseling service for asylum seekers.

The authority responsible for such applications differs greatly, too. It’s best to get support from a counseling service for asylum seekers.