“First interview”

Person mit roter Schleife

The first interview takes place at the local office of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). As part of this appointment your personal data will be recorded.

Pay attention that all details are correct – for example that your name and date of birth have been written correctly. Alterations at a later date are very difficult – especially if you cannot present any identity documents.

You will be asked about the route you took to get to Germany. By asking this question, the authorities want to establish whether another European country may be responsible for your asylum application (further information The “Dublin Procedure”/Dublin Regulation).

At the first interview, it is important for you to also report on how you experienced inhumane treatment in another European country: for example if you were taken prisoner or the police acted brutally toward you. You should also tell of other problems: for example if you became severely ill because you were denied medical care.

Once you have filed your asylum application, you will be given a data sheet, various information and permission to stay for six months.

The grounds for asylum are examined in more detail in a “second interview”, referred to as the “personal interview”, which takes place at a later date.