Arrival in Germany

After your arrival in Germany, you must first of all report to a government office (e.g. police, immigration authority), at a reception facility or an arrival center and inform them that you wish to apply for asylum. This is called an “application for asylum”.

The authorities will then refer you to a first port of call for asylum seekers. A computer program (called “EASY”) is used there to establish which German state and which municipality are responsible for you and your asylum application.

As a rule, you will be given a ticket to travel to the place that is responsible for you and where you can file your asylum application.

You must register at the arrival center/reception facility of the German state responsible for you. As part of this process, your photo and finger prints will be taken. In addition, an initial health examination will be carried out. At first you will also have to live in a reception facility.

You should always demand copies of the personal documents you hand over at the arrival center. You have a right to be given these copies. You should also demand to receive an official paper stating which documents you have handed in.

You will then be given a document called “proof of arrival” (“Ankunftsnachweis”). You can use this document to identify yourself to authorities.

You file your asylum application with the local office of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). You must appear there in person (read more “first interview”). You will be given the date for this personal interview at the arrival center/reception facility. Upon registration with the BAMF, you will be given a file number; this marks the formal start of the asylum proceedings.