Advice and tests

Mann mit Schnautzer und Shirt mit Regenbogen

If you notice the symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease, you should immediately go to a public health office or a doctor. This also applies in cases where the symptoms disappear on their own. This is because the germs that cause disease can hide within the body and cause further severe harm. It is important for your partner(s) to also get examined and treated.

Sexually transmitted diseases do not always cause symptoms and sometimes you do not notice them or think that they are the symptoms of other problems. People with changing sex partners should get tested on a regular basis and get treated when necessary.

You do not have to reveal your name at the public health office and the test is free of charge or does not cost much. 

You can also go to a doctor’s office, but you will have to give your name there. There might also be a charge for the test there, too. 

Some HIV/AIDS service organizations and test projects for queer people likewise offer tests for sexually transmitted diseases. Addresses can be found here.