Additional information for trans* women

Trans* women’s bodies are all very diverse. Just like the sex they have. In principle, they can use the same methods for safer sex as all other people.

The following is also good to know:

Whether you have a neovagina or a penis, condoms are the simplest method of protecting yourself against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

If you have a “neovagina”, you should use a lot of lubricant gel during sex – depending on the type of operation you had, the vagina may not become moist. Lubricant gel prevents injuries and makes sex more pleasant.

Vaginal sex immediately after the operation can be unpleasant and cause bleeding. This bleeding can increase the risk of getting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Your bum can also be sensitive immediately after the operation because there are a large number of nerve endings in the genital and anal area that are closely connected to each other. Tip: Take things slowly for a while.