Additional information for trans* men

Trans* men’s bodies are all very diverse. Just like the sex they have. In principle, they can use the same methods for safer sex as all other people.

The following is also good to know:

Regardless of whether you have a front hole or a penis, whether hormone therapy has caused the growth of the penis (enlarged clitoris), whether it is a clitpen (clitoris penoid) created by surgery or whether it is a phalloplasty, condoms are the simplest method of protecting yourself against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

There are different sizes of condoms.

You can also use a femidom. In addition to being inserted into the vagina/front hole, femidoms can also be used in the bum.

For the duration of the healing process following an operation, people are generally more liable to infections. This applies to all infections, including HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases and fungi. For this reason, it is sensible to pay special attention to injuries over this period. Tip: Take things slowly.

Even if testosterone is being administered, trans* men may remain fertile (as long as the uterus and ovaries are still in place). Condoms and femidoms also protect against unwanted pregnancy.