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Safer sex

In Germany, safer sex is understood to be methods that effectively prevent transmission of HIV.
Each of the following three safer sex methods provides effective protection from HIV transmission if applied correctly:

Condoms and femidoms protect you from HIV during vaginal sex (penis in the vagina) and anal sex (penis in the bum) and reduce the risk of infection with other sexually transmitted diseases. For anal sex or when the vagina is dry, you should always use a lot of oil-free lubricant gel (lube) to avoid injury. The lubricant also reduces the risk of damaging the condom. Further information

Treatment as Prevention: Assuming that a person has been taking effective HIV treatment for at least six months, virtually no more HIV virus will be present in bodily fluids (blood, sperm, vaginal fluid and bowl secretion). In such a case, HIV can no longer be transmitted during sex. Further information

PrEP (short for “Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis”): With PrEP, an HIV-negative person takes HIV medication that protects against becoming infected with HIV. Further information