Person links schwenkt Regebenogenfahne und Person rechts zeigt Muskeln

Multiple discrimination

Queer refugees and migrants experience discrimination not only because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Like everyone else, they also have an ethnic background, a skin colour, a body with specific abilities or impairments. 

Due to their diverse lives, backgrounds and identities, queer refugees and migrants can be exposed to different forms of discrimination at the same time. Discrimination can be both racist and homophobic at the same time. It can arise from transphobia and additionally from sexism and/or classism (prejudices on account of a person’s social background or position). 

Discrimination can affect queer refugees and migrants in different situations like in refugee camps, with authorities and official agencies, when searching for a flat or during job training, at (gay) parties, in discos and in public transport.

An HIV infection can also be a source of discrimination. People with HIV often experience discrimination, for example, in the hospital or at the dentist.