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How can I fight back against discrimination?

If you have experienced discrimination, you can fight back. 

One possibility, for example, is to file a complaint. In certain cases it is also possible to take legal action and be awarded compensation. It’s best to get support from a counseling center beforehand. Addresses can be found here.

In the case of discrimination on account of an HIV infection, assistance can also be obtained from the German HIV/AIDS Service Organization (“Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe”), an NGO.

At any event, it is advisable to tell the staff at a counseling center about the discrimination you have experienced: 

  • They will tell you about the possibilities there are to take action and who can provide support.  
  • You can also make contact with people who have had similar experiences and exchange notes with them.
  • Some counseling centers offer empowerment-workshops on how to cope with discrimination and how to handle such experiences in a self-determined and self-confident way.
  • By reporting discrimination, you help uncover situations that need to be addressed. It also enables counseling centers to expand and improve their services.
  • It also provides an opportunity to sensitize the general public with regard to discrimination issues and to contribute to the creation of a culture of anti-discrimination.